Михаил Назаренко (petro_gulak) wrote,
Михаил Назаренко

Вальтер Скотт - в честь Николая Павловича

Verses, composed for the occasion, adapted to Haydn's air, "God Save the Emperor Francis,'' sung by a select band after the dinner gives by the lord provost of Edinburgh to the grand-duke Nicholas of Russia and his suite, 19th December, 1816.

God protect brave Alexander,
Heaven defend the noble Czar,
Mighty Russia's high Commander,
First in Europe's banded war;
For the realms he did deliver
From the tyrant overthrown,
Thou, of every good the Giver,
Grant him long to bless his own!
Bless him, 'mid his land's disaster,
For her rights who battled brave.
Of the land of foemen master,
Bless him who their wrongs forgave.
O'er his just resentment victor,
Victor over Europe's foes,
Late and long supreme director,
Grant in peace his reign may close.
Hail! then, hail! illustrious Stranger!
Welcome to our mountain strand;
Mutual interests, hopes, and danger.
Link us with thy native land.
Foemen's force, or false beguiling.
Shall that union ne'er divide,
Hand in hand while peace is smiling,
And in battle side by side.
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