Михаил Назаренко (petro_gulak) wrote,
Михаил Назаренко

Как опасно провоцировать семиотиков

In early 1978, a friend of mine who worked for a small publisher told me that she was asking non-novelists (philosophers, sociologists, politicians, and so on) to each write a short detective story. ...I replied that I was not interested in creative writing, and that I was sure I was absolutely incapable of writing good dialogue. I concluded (I do not know why) by saying provocatively that if I had to write a crime novel, it would be at least five hundred pages long and would be set in a medieval monastery. My friend said she was not fishing for an ungainly potboiler, and our meeting ended there.

-- Umberto Eco. Confessions of a Young Novelist
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