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Новый роман Краули: work in progress

Наткнулся на отчет о бостонском "Ридерконе" этого года:

John Crowley, author of one of my all-time favorite books, "Little, Big," read to us for almost an hour from the preparatory chapters he has been building for his upcoming book, Ka. The book is told from the viewpoint of one crow, Dar Oakley, as he watches his fellow crows move through the world, and at the same time watches the other creatures, such as the humans, make their way across the face of the land too, with their peculiar and inexplicable ways. (...) I found myself surprised by the freshness of Dar's voice and the keen illustrations of the world through an unmistakably crow-true perspective.
I'm looking forward to the book's release.

Из интервью Краули 2010 года:

I am thinking about going back to science fiction and fantasy in my writing, but I’m not the kind of writer that decides to write something on the basis of what sort of thing it is. I can’t write just by deciding, “Oh, the world needs a book of this kind”. For the last ten years I’ve been writing books that are less like science fiction or fantasy, and I admit to having an implicit idea that somehow this would bring me a larger audience. I’ve been trying to write novels that are more mainstream, but they haven’t actually been a success in winning me a new readership. They’ve had good reviews, and they’ve been well received by the people who judge these things, but they have sold less than my most successful fantasy, Little, Big.
(...) Even my mainstream novels are not just regular stories about people now. I think the world I can describe must have a dimension of mystery and impossibility and irreducible strangeness to it.
If pressed, I could describe the Ægypt sequence as mainstream of sort. All the magic in it can be ascribed to a novel within a novel, rather than to the frame novel. Now it does seam as though at a certain point the magic escapes the novel within the novel, but all the magic that supposedly happens in the present-day story is highly subjective. The characters don’t really do anything magical that you could put your finger on (though Beau Brachman apparently does levitate while he’s sitting meditation). That’s the kind if book I love to write. I’m getting old, and I may have shot my bolt, but I do have a plan to write what could not be described as anything but a fantasy novel.

Судя по некоторым намекам, мир нового романа, как и мир "Эгипта", будет "перпендикулярен" к "Маленькому большому": другая вселенная с несколькими точками пересечения.
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