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А вот и не "Эгипет"


In the Locus magazine listings of forthcoming books (at http://www.locusmag.com/ForthcomingBooks.html) one entry is
JUNE 2005
Crowley, John • Lord Byron's Novel: The Evening Land (HarperCollins/Morrow, hc)

Значит, последний том "Эгипта" так никто и не хочет напечатать. М-да.

Upd: Ага, вот и подробности:

It is a famous occasion in the history of fiction: Byron has rented Villa Deodati on the shore of Lac Leman, to which have come the young poet Pery Bysshe Shelley, Shelley's wife Mary, and Byron's mistress Claire Clermont. Confined to the house in a week of cold rain, the friends - at Byron's urging - decide to write ghost stories. Only two stories were completed: Mary Shelley's Frankenstein became an immortal work and Dr. Polidori wrote a THE VAMPYR a romance based on a fragment Byron began and gave up on.
In THE EVENING LAND Crowley imagines the novel Byron could have writtenin the Gothic tradition had he begun again, months after his first start. The reader sees the novel piece by piece, together with the commenatry of Ada, a daughter who was kept from her infamous father. Byron's novel comes into Ada's hands through a mysterious "third party", and against the wishes of her mother, she determines to save her father's lost work, which cannot be published without scandal.


In the tradition of A.S. Byatt's POSSESSION, LORD BYRON'S NOVEL combines a daring literary impersonation and an elegant literary mystery, telling the story of the discovery of an encrypted lost novel by Lord Byron, the modern-day woman who discovers it, and the woman who encrypted it - Lord Byron's daughter. Alexandra Novak (known to her friends as Smith) has traveled to England to do research on British women scientists - including Ada, Countess of Lovelace, the only legitimate daughter of Lord Byron. Just as she arrives in London, a trunkful of papers surfaces, apparently once the property of Ada's son, Lord Ockham. Among the papers is a large manuscript consisting of a mass of numbers - which Smith at first guesses might be a computer program written by Ada - and notes in her handwriting apparently describing a prose romance written by her father. Enlisting the efforts of her partner, Thea, a mathematician, Smith discovers that what she thought was mathematical work is in fact an encoded copy of the novel itself: Ada burned the original, but secretly saved the book in encrypted form. Smith determines that as she lay dying Ada consigned the enciphered book to her son. Interweaving three separate stories - the contemporary story of Smith's discovery of the novel, the story of Ada's encryption of the novel, and Lord Byron's novel itself – LORD BYRON'S NOVEL is a tale of loss and discovery, fathers and daughters, Gothic romance and modern love. Spanning three centuries, it is a masterpiece from New York Times Notable Book author John Crowley. It is the novel Byron, the great poet, wit and outsider, should have written - but never did - until now. John Crowley is the award winning and critically acclaimed author of the novels THE TRANSLATOR, OTHERWISE, and LITTLE BIG and the collection of stories NOVELTIES AND SOUVENIRS. He is the winner of an American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters Award for Literature.
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