Михаил Назаренко (petro_gulak) wrote,
Михаил Назаренко

10 Myths About Science Fiction (And Why They Matter)

1) The best science fiction is written by people with a science degree
2) Science fiction is intended to predict the future
3) If it's really good, it's not science fiction ("SF's no good! / They bellow 'til we're deaf. / But this is good. / Well, then, it's not SF!" - Kingsley Amis)
4) Science fiction is stuff that could never actually happen
5) Similarly, if it's realistic and near future, it's not SF
6) It's not hard science fiction unless it's about a particular discipline
7) The best science fiction is always in dialogue with what's come before
8) Science fiction is inherently liberal/conservative/libertarian/socialist
9) The Golden Age of Science Fiction is 12
10) Science fiction has to be disguised, in order to be relatable

(по ссылке - расшифровка каждого пункта)

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