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Продвижение "Эгипта"

Последние известия от м-ра Краули:

Mr. Crowley told me that he was unable to convince Wm. Morrow Publishers to publish Endless Things and to republish the first 3 Aegypt titles. He did not provide specifics as to their rationale (one can but assume that they feel that the expense would outweigh the copies sold. Ah, capitalism. Once again discriminating readers suffer). I asked what I (we) could do. He seemed to feel that nothing would convince them, but that a letter written to Morrow wouldn't do any harm.
He went on to state that he had been looking into having it privately published (possibly limited edition, with paperback rights to Morrow, maybe - very vague) but hadn't been completely happy with certain aspects of this approach. He did have one small press scenario that he was considering, but was not committing to it because (and here's the rub...wait for it...) he was REWORKING THE BOOK.
Yep. He said that, in a way, he was happy for the publication delay because it had given him to revisit the book.
He reiterated that it will be shorter than the others, more of a coda (his word) that subtly restates/resolves the main themes (my weak metaphor). He did state, however, that possibly new ideas/questions might be raised at the end (whatever that means!).
So, there we are. Although I was glad that he was glad of the delay and the opportunity afforded him, I was disappointed by the news (as are most of you, I'm sure).
So, we'll just have to sit patiently. The Byron book is out this next year; we can read and enjoy that knowing that this issue is, at least, being worked and that Endless Things won't become another novel on yellowed paper found in a gray cardboard box by a historian with an interest in Hermetic writings...
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