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"Нью-Йорк таймс" сообщает:

While the television industry has begun catering to impatient audiences by releasing entire series at once, the book business is upending its traditional timetable by encouraging a kind of binge reading, releasing new works by a single author at an accelerated pace.
The practice of spacing an author’s books at least one year apart is gradually being discarded as publishers appeal to the same “must-know-now” impulse that drives binge viewing of shows like “House of Cards” and “Breaking Bad.”
Dutton just released a hardcover debut novel, "Archetype," a futuristic action thriller; its sequel, “Prototype,” is scheduled for release only five months later.
“Consumers want to be able to binge-read or binge-watch,” Christine Ball, the associate publisher of Dutton, said in an interview. “We wanted to give the consumers what they wanted in this case.”
Sean McDonald, the editor at Farrar, Straus & Giroux who acquired the trilogy by Mr. VanderMeer, said that when he read the first manuscript, he realized it presented a narrative filled with unanswered questions.
Mr. McDonald quickly came up with an idea that was believed to be a first at Farrar, Straus: publishing all three books on what he called a “rapid fire” schedule, partly to avoid antagonizing readers.
“You can end up with angry and perplexed fans,” he said. “I think people are more aware of series storytelling, and there is this sense of impatience, or maybe a fear of frustration. We wanted to make sure people knew that there were answers to these questions.”

Страшные фрустрированные фэны. Повбывав бы.

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