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Немного о Докторе

Моффат отвечает на вопросы:

- Will the Silence ever find out that the Doctor didn't really die on the shores of Lake Silencio?
- The Kovarian were a splinter group, who travelled back in time to stop the Doctor ever reaching Trenzalore. The Silence who tackle him there clearly know the plan has failed. However, in researching the matter, I uncovered this rare transcript of a meeting between two high priests of the Silence Movement.

SILENT 1: So, brother - did the Doctor truly perish at Lake Silencio, or did that double-hearted schemer live to fight another day?
SILENT 2: ...Who are you?
SILENT 1: You did it again. You broke eye contact. We mustn't break eye contact, or this will take all day.
SILENT 2: Sorry. Bit distracted at the moment.
SILENT 1: We have to maintain eye contact at all times. It is the eternal law of the Silence Praesidium.
SILENT 2: Who are you?
SILENT 1: You see, now you've looked out of the window. Don't look out of the window.
SILENT 2: Sorry, I was just wondering where Jeff was with that coffee.
SILENT 1: We can't really send people for coffee - we should remember that.
SILENT 2: Remember what?
SILENT 1: Who are you?
SILENT 2: Who are you?
SILENT 2: Is that a Weeping Angel?
SILENT 1: Keep looking at it!
SILENT 2: Keep looking at what?
SILENT 1: I don't know, who are you?
SILENT 2: What's that rising under that blanket?
SILENT 1: Don't look at it!!
SILENT 2: Don't look at what?
SILENT 1: Hang on, didn't we send Jeff for coffee?
SILENT 2: I'll go and look for him.
SILENT 1: Good idea.
SILENT 2: Who are you?

I think that clears everything up. It goes on for another 8000 pages, but it gets a bit repetitive.

* * *

Когда в финале миниэпизода "Ночь Доктора" мы видим отражение молодого Военврача (Джона Хёрта) - это кадр из "Преступления и наказания", где Хёрт сыграл Раскольникова. Appropriate enough.
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