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Time capsule - Рак прекословный

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Февраль 4, 2017

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09:37 pm - Time capsule
Ранний аналог советских капсул "с посланием к потомкам": когда в 1878 г. на набережной Виктории устанавливали "Иглу Клеопатры" (как известно, при помощи "стремительного домкрата"), под ней, согласно Википедии, закопали:
a set of 12 photographs of the best-looking English women of the day,
a box of hairpins,
a box of cigars,
several tobacco pipes,
a set of imperial weights,
a baby's bottle,
some children's toys,
a shilling razor,
a hydraulic jack and some samples of the cable used in the erection,
a 3' bronze model of the monument,
a complete set of contemporary British coins,
a rupee,
a portrait of Queen Victoria,
a written history of the transport of the monument,
plans on vellum,
a translation of the inscriptions,
copies of the Bible in several languages,
a copy of John 3:16 in 215 languages,
a copy of Whitaker's Almanack,
a Bradshaw Railway Guide,
a map of London
and copies of 10 daily newspapers.

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[User Picture]
Date:Февраль 5, 2017 12:23 pm
а его уже вскрыли, или пока нет?
[User Picture]
Date:Февраль 5, 2017 01:54 pm
Наверное, так и лежит.

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