Михаил Назаренко (petro_gulak) wrote,
Михаил Назаренко

Шерлок Холмс, разрушитель империи

Сто лет назад популярный американский журнал «The Bookman» уделял внимание и современной русской литературе – так, например, в нем рецензировали перевод «Санина». В 1915 году они сослались, видимо, на Корнея Чуковского:

«To Russia as well as to Spain has the influence of Sherlock Holmes found its way. Among the books published in 1908 there were more than a thousand sensational novels, classed as “Nat Pinkerton and Sherlock Holmes Literature,” with such expressive titles as “The Hanged”, “The Stranglers”, “The Disinterred Corpse”, and “The Expropriators”. A Russian critic has found in this sensational literature the expression of a national sentiment. It is significant of a revolt against three great ideas that have at different times dominated Russian literature: the quiet pessimism of Turgenev, the Christian non-resistance religion of Tolstoy, and the familiar Russian type of will-less philosophy. The new craze for “Nat Pinkerton and Sherlock Holmes” stories, the critic thinks, foreshadows a complete change in the Russian reader, the decay of the literature of passivity, and the rise of a new literature of action and physical revolt».

А еще через пять лет, в 1920-м, припомнили опять:

«Subsequent events have invested his words with all the dignity of a prophecy. (...) It was thirty-odd years ago that Conan Doyle, a medical practitioner without any practice to speak of, and a struggling author without an audience or a market, succeeded, after much peddling, in disposing of the manuscript of “A Study in Scarlet” for the sum of twenty-five pounds. How little did he dream that he was building for the downfall of an empire!»

Да, кто бы мог подумать.
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