Михаил Назаренко (petro_gulak) wrote,
Михаил Назаренко

Нил Гейман: сын Франкенштейна

20 Years Ago, Neil Gaiman suffered the Curse of Fantasy Encyclopedia pp380-1: authors whose dates were OK in proof arcanely appeared as e.g. (1960-FRANKENSTEIN MOVIES). He wrote: 'I hope it's not a prediction of things to come: "Mr Gaiman did not die, exactly, but many bits of him have attained a virtual immortality starring in Frankenstein Movies. Mr Gaiman's right hand is on the shelf in the castle in Frankenstein Has Risen Up Again and his stomach is attached to the monster in Scary Terror of Frankenstein. His arms and kidneys were in the 'organ donor' scene of Frankenstein Goes Disco Mama, but wound up on the cutting room floor...."'
(Ansible 119, June 1997)
Tags: gaiman

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    Сова-Диоген. Чувствую себя совой-Диогеном.

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    Тем временем в саду Стивена Моффата (фото из его инстаграмма).

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    Отут можна послухати мою вчорашню розмову з Оленою Гусейновою про антологію "Крім "Кобзаря"", яка - нагадую - має вийти до кінця весни.

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