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Из автобиографии писательницы Сары Дуглас:

When I came home I managed to find a position as a registered Nurse ('sister' here in Australia ... I was Sister Sara for many, many years ... wasn't that Clint Eastwood film as well??) in a small, bizarre private hospital on East Terrace in Adelaide. When I say bizarre, I mean bizarre. This was a place which hadn't evolved since the 1920s - all us sisters had to wear long starched veils - this in the '80s and 90s! This was a place where the housekeeper carefully collected blood from the operating theatres and poured it over the garden at night ("It helps the camellias, dear.") And this was the place where a manic possum stole the keys to the dangerous drugs cabinet (please don't ask me how the possum got the keys, that is SO bizarre you would never believe me) and ran off with them to the highest gum tree it could find - it took the military might of the SA police's Star Force (the elite anti-terrorist squad ... it was a slow night when the sister in charge rang the police to help in apprehending the possum, and they police sent the anti-terrorist squad!) to get those keys back. I don't think the possum survived. (Can you imagine? The search lights, the guys in their bulletproof jackets and helmets, the guns, all trained on this gum tree and the little possum's face, blinking way up high with the blue velvet ribbon of the dangerous drugs keys in his cute little paws.)

По ссылке с сайта "Экскалибур".

Кстати, об опоссумах. Есть такой американский детский стишок, переведенный Андреем Сергеевым:
На ветке сливы сидел енот,
опоссум сидел на еловом пне.
Опоссум сказал: "Эй, мохнатый хвост,
Скинь-ка сливку-другую мне".
Енот сказал: "Ах ты голый хвост!
Не касался бы ты хвоста моего -
Скинул бы сливку-другую тебе,
А так не будет тебе ничего".

Оригинальный текст никому случайно не попадался?
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