Михаил Назаренко (petro_gulak) wrote,
Михаил Назаренко

Из последнего "Ансибля"


Outraged Letters. Which author's second-hand editions are most valued? Ian Covell did a little research on 17 February: `The top 29 highest priced items on ABEbooks are by Stephen King. #30 is Ellison's Stalking The Nightmare with an introduction by Stephen King ... then it's King again until #111, Legends, with a story by Stephen King ... then it's King again until, well ... I am not even going to mention the first "different" title, at #173 – an antique book about Saint STEPHEN, first KING of Hungary. You get the feeling someone misread the title.'

Timeslip. Another demonstration that we live in a truly sf world, from play.com's description of the DVD The Land That Time Forgot: `Edgar Rice Burroughs collaborated with Michael Moorcock to write the script for The Land Before Time, adapted from his own novel.'

Margaret Atwood continues to enthuse about her remote-controlled autograph machine, most recently in The Globe and Mail. Thanks to her initiative, I'm sure, hordes of resistlessly invasive autograph-robots will one day put an end to Terry Pratchett's recurring nightmare that somewhere, somehow, there remains an unsigned copy out there.

Thog's Masterclass. Dept of Ancient-Mariner Astronomy. `... she could see nothing but the old moon with a lost star drifting between its horns.' (Patricia A. McKillip, Heir of Sea and Fire, 1980)
Relativity Dept. `The Rim Star ... went too fast. If starlight had glittered on her travelling at the speed she'd attained ... she would have been invisible. No one light-wave was fast enough to strike her and be reflected ...' (Murray Leinster, The Other Side of Nowhere, 1955)
Straight On 'Til Morning Dept. `You simply head your space ship toward your sun for about three million miles, take a sharp turn left and go about five or six million miles and there we will be. Please do come visit us when you build your space ship.' (Sara Cavanaugh, A Woman in Space, 1981)

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