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Из 202-го выпуска фэнзина Дэвида Лэнгфорда "Ансибль".

Robert Silverberg announced his latest `retirement' from sf, to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer: `I've struggled back and forth between my desire to make science fiction into a visionary literature of great emotional and literary intensity, and the publisher's desire to make a lot of money. Every decade or so I've walked out in anger saying I can't cope with this dichotomy anymore.' And therefore: `I'm just removing myself from that whole commercial battlefield,' he says. `I've moved toward relatively small publishing houses. And I'll write what I please ... without commercial prodding.' (16 April)
[Не верю! - М.Н.]

What the Papers Say. The Herald's story about the fabulous Charlie Stross's Hugo nomination (`A little known Scots writer hopes to follow in the footsteps of JK Rowling ...') mentions an illustrious past winner: `Issac Asimov, the legendary Russian author.' (19 April)

Margaret Atwood's oft-mentioned Oryx and Crake made it on to the shortlist of this UK award for fiction about talking squids in outer space ... I'm sorry, I'll read that again ... for writing by women.

Thog's Masterclass. Dept of Settlement. `The unsettling potential of the situation settled hard in Susan's stomach.' (Dan Brown, Digital Fortress, 1998) True Romance Dept. `Still, it wasn't her mind that Martinez was admiring at the moment. Simply gazing at her was like being hit in the groin with a velvet hammer.' (Walter Jon Williams, The Sundering, 2003) Swinging Sixties Dept. `Blake had a tantalizing glimpse of two impudent little breasts which made up in quality what they lacked in quantity.' [Later:] `Blake noticed that when she was angry her bust measurement was fully adequate.' (J.T.McIntosh, `Planet on Probation', Science Fantasy 42, 1960)

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