January 3rd, 2006

The Bad

Стиль современной науки

Questions About the Nature of Fiction by Nicholas Recher.
Does God read fiction? The issue of atheism is irrelevant here. The question is not Does God exist and read fiction? Belief in God's existence has nothing to do with it. The question is a hypothetical one: If a God as conceived of along the lines of the Judeo-Christian tradition were to exist, then would he read fiction? Of course, not read. But know?
God is omniscient. He knows everything people do. Ergo he knows everything that Cervantes did when he wrote Don Quixote, that Ignazio Ferolina did when he set it in type, that Miguel de Unamuno did when he read it. He knows every section, every word, every comma on every page of every edition. Perhaps he does not read it - his knowledge is a totum simul. But he certainly knows what is says, has it by heart, so to speak.
Does he enjoy it? Does its humour get to him? Does God have a sense of humour? Or is he - like Queen Victoria - not amused? Does God have fun? Difficult questions.

Больше всего это напоминает, конечно, рассуждения Вальтера Шенди о Белом Медведе. Но большая часть рассуждений о методологии науки (и филологии в частности) - где-то очень недалеко расположена. Всё сводится к тому, лучше ли Белый Медведь (которого мы не видели), чем Бурый (о котором имеем весьма приблизительное представление).

PS Извините, что не отвечаю на комменты: какой-то я совсем вялый в новом году.