August 7th, 2012

... and the Bookman

Пригорье noir

Вышел в свет сборник рассказов и эссе Нила Стивенсона "Some Remarks" ("роотовский" рассказ "Джипи и чип-параноик" автору разонравился, и в книгу он не попал, а зря). Среди прочего - и вот такое хулиганство:

[Author's note: This is the first sentence of a thriller that I will never complete about a serial killer on the loose in the Shire.]

From the angle of the stab-wounds, Under-Constable Proudfoot could tell that, contrary to the opinions circulating in the taproom at the Prancing Pony, the murder has not been committed by a Big Person.