May 29th, 2014

... and the Bookman

Canis Latinicus

В пратчеттовской "Страже" есть такой эпизод:

He reached the Watch House. It was an ancient and surprisingly large building, wedged between a tannery and a tailor who made suspicious leather goods. It must have been quite imposing once, but quite a lot of it was now uninhabitable and patrolled only by owls and rats. Over the door a motto in the ancient tongue of the city was now almost eroded by time and grime and lichen, but could just be made out:
It translated - according to Sergeant Colon, who had served in foreign parts and considered himself an expert on languages - as 'To Protect and to Serve'.
Yes. Being a guard must have meant something, once.

Псевдолатинская надпись - калька с "Make my day, punk" (из "Грязного Гарри"), и в переводе это, конечно, совершенно не работает.
Сегодня, отвлечения для, пытался придумать, как бы это сделать в русском контексте, и, кажется, придумал.
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