November 25th, 2014

... and the Bookman

Стрендж и Норрелл

Ма-аленький кусочек из грядущего сериала:
Промотать до 53-й секунды (ну, или послушать, как Камбербэтч читает Шекспира) и щелкнуть по названию.

"Our question," continued Mr Honcyfoot, "is why magic has fallen from its once-great state in our great nation. Our question is, sir, why is no more magic done in England?"
Mr Norrell's small blue eyes grew harder and brighter and his lips tightened as if he were seeking to suppress a great and secret delight within him. It was as if, thought Mr Segundus, he had waited a long time for someone to ask him this question and had had his answer ready for years. Mr Norrell said, "I cannot help you with your question, sir, for I do not understand it. It is a wrong question, sir. Magic is not ended in England. I myself am quite a tolerable practical magician."