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Теплофизики шутят

Мои родители - теплофизики, и в доме время от времени попадаются английские журналы, посвященные сушке. В одном из них (Drying Technology) есть постоянная рубрика "Snippets on Drying", где можно найти немало любопытного. Например:

Historical Novels Include Many References on Drying
Have you noticed the importance of drying in the early history of the world? Historical novels, in particular, often refer to drying, dry, and dryers as a significant activity of weather, land, food, skins, and textiles. Authors Jean M. Auel, Louis L'Amour, and Anna Lee Waldo are authors who use words referring to drying throughout their writings. Some representative examples are given by the following.
p. 42. "The young woman waded back to the beach and sat down on warm stones to let the sun dry her." "Her hopeless thoughts on the dry and dreary steppes..." There is a reference to drying on an average of at least every page.
Source.- Jean M. Auel. 1982. The Valley of Horses. Crown and Bantam Publishers, New York, NY
p. 567. "It was difficult to keep her eyes dry..."
Source: Anna Lee Waldo. 1978. Sacajawea. Avon Books, New York, NY

Crossword Puzzles
As a specialist in drying, my ego was shattered recently when I could not fill in a six letter word for 'dry' in a crossword puzzle. After seeing the list that follows, you can understand how crossword puzzle words for the word 'dry' often don't come to mind readily. Here is a list of words encountered in crossword puzzles for the word 'dry'.
Number of letters in crossword puzzle, followed by possible words.
2. DM, TT (teetotal)
3. ebb, kex, sec, ted, wry
4. acid, adry, arid, bake, bare, blot, brut, dead, dull, geld, hard, hask, keen, kexy, kiln, lure, mock, pine, save, sear, seco, sere, sour, spin, swap, tame, tart, welk, welt, wipe
5. adust, arefy, corky, deese, drain, draper, dried, dusty, eild, empty, frost, hasky, husky, jusky, mealy, parch, plain, prosy, sandy, sammy, secco, smeek, sober, stale, solid, towel, unwet, vapid, wizen
6. aerify, barren, birsle, boring, buccan, chippy, devoid, duster, ensear, gizzen, histie, hoarse, jejune, meagre, pedant, rizzar, severe, scorch, shrewd, thirst, wither
7. arefact, athirst, brustle, cynical, dehisce, hirstie, humdrum, insipid, parched, prosaic, rubbing, sapless, scratchy, siccant, siccate, siccity, skeller, squalid, sterice, sterile, tedious, thirsty, torrefy, torrify, xerosis, xerotic
8. immature, lifeless, rainless, sarcastic, sneering, solidify, teetotal, tiresome, withered
9. acidulous, anhydrous, colorless, corkiness, dehydrate, desiccate, droughty, drougthy, evaporate, exsiccate, exsuccous, fruitless, juiceless, haskness, impassive, infumate, lifeless, milkless, moistless, passulate, pointless, preserve, sarcastic, sneering, solidify, sugarless, squeezing, undamped, unwatered, waterless, woodmere
10. abstention, monotonous, pedestrian, siccaneous, unbuttered, uninspired
11. prohibition, unmoistened
12. dehumidified, deliquescent, impoverished, unprofitable, unembellished, unproductive
13. uninteresting, unimaginative, waterlessness
14. detoxification
Numerous dictionaries of crosswords for puzzles and dictionaries of synonyms
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