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The hardcover of A FEAST FOR CROWS has now been released in both the US and the UK, just in case some of you have been visiting Mars for the past fhalf year. I have been touring all over the place and signing thousands of copies, but with the conclusion of my Canadian book tour last week, that's all done. I am back home again, and back at work.

With the FEAST served, next up is A DANCE WITH DRAGONS. This is the only place to find reliable information on DANCE. Please do not believe anything you might read anywhere else about release dates, completion, or page count. Until the book is actually finished and delivered, all that is just guesswork... and when it is finished and delivered you will read it here first.

A DANCE WITH DRAGONS will feature all the characters that you (and I) missed in A FEAST FOR CROWS. Jon, Tyrion, Davos, Dany, and Bran will all be present with major storylines, and toward the end of the novel Arya will appear as well, as will Asha Greyjoy. There will also be one new viewpoint character debuting and one old returning, giving me a total of nine POVs, plus the usual prologue.

The greater part of DANCE will take place at the same time as the events chronicled in FEAST... but though the two novels will run in parallel, there's nothing to prevent one parallel line from extending beyond its fellow, and the DANCE should indeed take the action beyond the end of FEAST. Just how far beyond remains to be seen, and will depend in large part on the page count when the new volume reaches the point where the last one ended. IF (and only if) I have the room, it is possible that I may drop in on a few more of the protagonists of FEAST towards the end of DANCE.

As of this writing, A DANCE WITH DRAGONS consists of some twenty-two finished chapters totalling 542 manuscript pages, plus another 100 to 150 pages of partial chapters, early drafts, scenes, and fragments. Some of that material will need to be revised, and of course much more remains to be written. My hope is to bring the book in at around 1200 to 1300 pages.

And before anyone writes me asking, yes, there is a third Dunk and Egg novella in the works as well. It's maybe three-quarters done, and sometime soon I want to find the time to finish that one too.

Anyway, that's how things stand at the end of January. I will try and update again around the beginning of April.

—George R.R. Martin, January 24, 2006

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