Михаил Назаренко (petro_gulak) wrote,
Михаил Назаренко

Peter S. Beagle and his agent


Conversational exchange circa October 2002:
- We've been working together for a year, Peter, and I've had a chance to review all your records. Do you realize that there's not a single contract you've signed in the last four decades that I would have let you sign, had I been on the scene? Some of them don't scream for a lot of changes, true, but all of them needed something. And a bunch are absolute kryptonite. Why did you say yes to these?
- My agents told me to. They said: these are the deals. And I trusted them. Connor, you've got to understand. My people were Russian and Polish Jews who believed the path to safety lay in hiding from the Cossacks. Literally! My mother and her family only survived to get out of their little Russian village because there were some Christians who hid them in a cellar when the soldiers came around. So I was raised not to stick my head up, not to make a fuss.
- Well, it's a good thing I came along, then. Because my people went to war for hundreds of years over a cow. And then we made it our national epic.

Бигль, кстати, только что получил "Хьюго" за повесть "Two Hearts" - продолжение "Последнего единорога".
Tags: ruthenia

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