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Михаил Назаренко

Выплюнула язык и лаконично сказала

"Милости, а не правосудия": эпизод из "Эдинбургской темницы" Вальтера Скотта и его римейк в "Капитанской дочке".

"It appears to me, my Lord, that this is a severe law. But still it is adopted upon good grounds, I am bound to suppose, as the law of the country, and the girl has been convicted under it. The very presumptions which the law construes into a positive proof of guilt exist in her case; and all that your Grace has said concerning the possibility of her innocence may be a very good argument for annulling the Act of Parliament, but cannot, while it stands good, be admitted in favour of any individual convicted upon the statute."

"Вы просите за Гринева? Императрица не может его простить. Он пристал к самозванцу не из невежества и легковерия, но как безнравственный и вредный негодяй".

(Пример из книги М.Альтшуллера.) И еще примечательнее:

"If it like you, madam," said Jeanie, "I would hae gaen to the end of the earth to save the life of John Porteous, or any other unhappy man in his condition; but I might lawfully doubt how far I am called upon to be the avenger of his blood, though it may become the civil magistrate to do so. He is dead and gane to his place, and they that have slain him must answer for their ain act. But my sister, my puir sister, Effie, still lives, though her days and hours are numbered! She still lives, and a word of the King's mouth might restore her to a brokenhearted auld man, that never in his daily and nightly exercise, forgot to pray that his Majesty might be blessed with a long and a prosperous reign, and that his throne, and the throne of his posterity, might be established in righteousness. O madam, if ever ye kend what it was to sorrow for and with a sinning and a suffering creature, whose mind is sae tossed that she can be neither ca'd fit to live or die, have some compassion on our misery!--Save an honest house from dishonour, and an unhappy girl, not eighteen years of age, from an early and dreadful death! Alas! it is not when we sleep soft and wake merrily ourselves that we think on other people's sufferings. Our hearts are waxed light within us then, and we are for righting our ain wrangs and fighting our ain battles. But when the hour of trouble comes to the mind or to the body--and seldom may it visit your Leddyship--and when the hour of death comes, that comes to high and low--lang and late may it be yours!--Oh, my Leddy, then it isna what we hae dune for oursells, but what we hae dune for others, that we think on maist pleasantly. And the thoughts that ye hae intervened to spare the puir thing's life will be sweeter in that hour, come when it may, than if a word of your mouth could hang the haill Porteous mob at the tail of ae tow."

"- Ах, неправда! - вскрикнула Марья Ивановна.
"Как неправда!" - возразила дама, вся вспыхнув.
- Неправда, ей богу, неправда! Я знаю всё, я всё вам расскажу. Он для одной меня подвергался всему, что постигло его. И если он не оправдался перед судом, то разве потому только, что не хотел запутать меня. - Тут она с жаром рассказала всё, что уже известно моему читателю".

Наверняка есть работы, посвященные принципам пушкинского конспектирования классики – по "Пиру во время чумы" и "Анджело" точно есть. Но есть ли сколько-нибудь систематическая текстология?
Мысль вбок: какие тексты не могут быть адекватно поняты без фрагментов, которые были по тем или иным причинам изъяты авторами? Та же "Капитанская дочка" (поездка Гринева к Пугачеву), "Бесы" ("У Тихона"), "Властелин Колец" ("Сильмариллион" должен был выйти одновременно); но не "Евгений Онегин", и напрасно "Десятую главу" в основном тексте печатают, и волтерианцы напрасно насчет этого говорят. Еще примеры?
Tags: fiction

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