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The Wind in the Willows

В честь чего назван первый альбом "Пинк Флойд", я знал, но вот последний факт...

Pink Floyd's first album, The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn was very much Syd's baby. He took the record's title from chapter seven of Kenneth Grahame's children's novel The Wind In The Willows, in which Rat and Mole meet Pan; half man, half goat and the god of flocks, woods and fields. They encounter him as a goldenen, dream-like vision when Rat takes Mole to "the place of my song dream... the Holy place." Pan is used by Grahame to convey rather profound spiritual concepts about elemental forces and the afterlife to his young readers. This intrigued Syd [Barret], who took the episode as the central beam of his writing for the album. And not just that, Syd would often inform friends of how he too had met Pan and been instilled with the spirit of the forest. "He thought Pan had given him insight and understanding into the way nature works," recalls Andrew King.
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