Михаил Назаренко (petro_gulak) wrote,
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О Кубрике, с любовью

A Scent of Wonder: A Review of Perfume: The Story of a Murderer by Gary Westfahl

...after the movie, I overheard one member of the audience describing it as "the weirdest book you will ever read" — which is surely why several noted directors were tempted to make it into a film. But the most distinguished of these, the late Stanley Kubrick, famously concluded that the novel was "unfilmable." One cannot be sure what he meant by that, but he was probably referring to one obvious problem: how does one employ a visual medium to convey a story about odors?..
Knowing Kubrick, though, one could also, and uncharitably, suppose that by "unfilmable" he meant "incapable of being warped by an egomaniac director into an idiosyncratic personal vision."

  • Бобе майсес

    Сто лет этот мультфильм не пересматривал. "И ребе сказал ему: - А как же!.."

  • Про пошлість і меншовартість

    Вчергове довелося наштовхнутися на твердження: «Кожен, хто повторює твердження про "велику російську культуру", бере участь у війні на боці ворога».…

  • Местное

    Надписи города К.: апдейт 2011/2021. Рожи города К.: детская площадка в локдауне.

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