Михаил Назаренко (petro_gulak) wrote,
Михаил Назаренко

О премиях

В первоапрельском выпуске "Локуса-онлайн", среди прочих шуток (скажем, о беатификации Нила Геймана), есть и одна, вполне актуальная для нашего фэндома: учреждение премии за лучшие премии.
  • Best award ceremony
  • Best new award
  • Best acceptance speech (short-form)
  • Best acceptance speech (long-form)
  • Best dignified silence in the face of getting passed over for nomination again
  • Most blatant grandstanding by an award presenter
  • Most foolish award jury decision subsequently justified as, "Well, we helped to spark debate about the field, and that's what matters after all"
  • Best blog post hypothesizing what the jury must have been thinking
  • Best blog post castigating the jury for their decision, by a blogger who hasn't read the winning book, but the one that lost was their favorite and so obviously it should have won
  • Lifetime achievement award for performances at award ceremonies above and beyond the call of duty

    "We foresee see a world where all science fiction and fantasy activity is focussed on awards, and there's no need to worry about books or movies any more. We believe awards processes will gain momentum and complexity, and ultimately achieve self-awareness, untrammelled by the need to be about anything except awards. And when they do, we'll all deserve a prize." 

    А barros еще проводит опрос, для чего нужны премии. Как будто это не очевидно...
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