Михаил Назаренко (petro_gulak) wrote,
Михаил Назаренко

Прага, Клют, Краули

...Prague still stands. It is not only that the physical city seems to have survived, almost intact, the long suicide of Europe over the course of the twentieth century, so that the labyrinthine vistas of seventeenth-century Prague (...) still throng the eye; it is more than that. With more intensity than I for one have ever experienced of any other local habitation, Prague is the story of itself: the whole pantomimic in-your-face urban-fantasy intensity of the inner city and Hradcany across the story-stoned bridge is like a Theatre of Memory, a great clamour of histrions, histories animate, each spouting its version, each fountain begging you to to come down to drink, each storey making offers you can't refuse: the vying of the centuries, the faiths, the races, the tongues, the dynasties, the golems and the newts and K, turn a corner and you turn a page. But you cannot trust a word of it (you can never read the same page twice), not one of the pumped epiphanies that fill your heart with such woe and joy. If only (you think) it could be true.

But poor old Prague forever young is exactly not true. It is a warren of the false dream that Europa could turn into a Garden, into a different story of the world. Prague comes to a thousand climaxes as you turn it over, all of them heartbreaking, all of them false. I guess that's Europe for you, the best world we were ever likely to make, and look at it now, look at us. If we seek to build a different story of the world, Prague may be as far as we're likely to get (...)

Это Джон Клют добрался до четвертого "Эгипта". Спойлеров на удивление мало.
Tags: clute, crowley

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