Михаил Назаренко (petro_gulak) wrote,
Михаил Назаренко

Деловой человек Хайнлайн

James Joyce introduced into writing an important new technique, but he did it so clumsily that his so-called novels are virtually unreadable; if I do have here a usable new technique I want to polish it to the point where it can stand up in the open market in com­petition with the usual wares whose values are estab­lished and recognized.
(Letter to Lurton Blassingame, October 9, 1956)

А речь идет всего-то о "multiple first-person technique": "Ginny suggests that I not use it in science fiction in any case, but save it for a lit'rary novel. She has a point, I think, as it would not be seriously reviewed in an S-F novel. We'll see."

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    Надписи города К.: апдейт 2011/2021. Рожи города К.: детская площадка в локдауне.

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