Михаил Назаренко (petro_gulak) wrote,
Михаил Назаренко

"Ансибль" цитирует:

Uri Geller. Shawn (1990)

'By anyone's standards, Nina was a big woman with breasts as round and large as pumpkins in the Autonomous Region of the Ukraine, if pumpkins grew there indeed, which Vitrio would not have doubted. And even whether or not the Ukraine, known to the world primarily for its wealth of grain, was autonomous was also a matter upon which Vitrio would not have liked to be questioned. But that Nina's breasts were large as pumpkins -- any region's, anybody's pumpkins -- that could not be doubted. [...] Like her great namesake, the Soviet discus thrower, the psychic Nina Dumbatse had shoulders to match her pumpkins, and she now shrugged them ...'

'Now at last Vera Verovna knew what she felt like: the mouse before the cat, the bee before the bear, the frog before the snake, the child before the dinosaur, the leaf before the wind, the beauty before the beast.'
Tags: ruthenia

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    Тем временем в саду Стивена Моффата (фото из его инстаграмма).

  • Усы

    Известно, что Петр I брил бороды, а Николай I ненавидел усы у гражданских лиц. (Текст указа сам по себе любопытен: усы и бороды носят то ли на…

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    О визите принца Филиппа и принцессы Анны в Киев (1973): 1) воспоминания предгорисполкома; 2) документы КГБ ("с учетом имеющихся данных о…

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