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Создатели Франкенштейна

Когда-то я давал ссылку на статью, месседж которой, по язвительной формулировке Дэвида Лэнгфорда, сводится к следующему: "Germaine Greer refutes John Lauritsen's theory of Frankenstein - that a great novel couldn't possibly have been written by self-educated Mary Shelley, so Percy Bysshe must be the real author - by ingeniously arguing that it's such a lousy book that Mary obviously did write it."
Между тем, в предисловии к изданию 1982 года точка над "i" уже поставлена:

The worst distortion in the 1831 Introduction is the claim that although Shelley "incited" Mary in the composition of Frankenstein, and although he wrote the Preface to the first edition, "I certainly did not owe the suggestion of one incident, nor scarcely of one train of feeling, to my husband." First of all, the metaphors Shelley coined for the monstrous Power he saw inhabiting Mont Blanc that July, during his visit to Chamonix and the Mer de Glace with Mary and Claire, found their way into the second volume of Frankenstein, as well as into his own philosophical hymn, "Mont Blanc." What has not been generally known is that Shelley oversaw his wife's manuscript at every stage. Not only did he correct her frequent grammatical solecisms, her spelling, and her awkward phrasing; the surviving manuscript fragments show marginal suggestions (all adopted by Mary) for the improvement of the narrative, interpolations that run for several sentences, and final revisions of the last pages. For example, it was Shelley's idea that Frankenstein journey to England for the purpose of creating a female Monster. His words contrast Frankenstein's personally with Elizabeth's and the Swiss republic with less fortunate nations. Most important of all, Shelley revised the ending from the last paragraph of Frankenstein's dying speech to the Monster's disappearance in darkness and distance. Finally, in 1817, he corrected the proofs, with his wife's "carte blanche to make what alterations you please." His assistance at every point in the book's manufacture was so extensive that one hardly knows whether to regard him as editor or minor collaborator.

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