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Номер один.
Пратчетт, спровоцированный фэнами, кратко сравнивает своих любимых героев – матушку Ветровоск и Сэма Ваймза.

Номер два.
В “Discworld Monthly” появилась аннотация к новому роману о Плоском мире (“Getting Postal”, oct. 2004):
"Convicted con-man and forger Moist van Lipwig is given a choice. Face the hangman's noose, or get Ankh-Morpork's ancient post office up and running efficiently! It was a tough decision....
Now, the former criminal is facing really big problems. There's tons of undelivered mail. Ghosts are talking to him. One of the postmen is 18,000 years old. And you really wouldn't want to know what his new girlfriend can do with a shoe. To top it off, shadowy characters don't want the mail moved. Instead, they want him dead - deader than all those dead letters. (And here he'd thought that all he'd have to face was rain, snow, and gloom of night...)
A splendid send-up of government, the postal system, and everything that lies in between."

Интересно, как у нас переведут название книги? (Postal: crazy, psychotic; derived from deranged postal workers who shoot people and then commit suicide.)
Tags: pratchett

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