Михаил Назаренко (petro_gulak) wrote,
Михаил Назаренко

Преемник Томаса Рифмача: с электромашиной и аллигатором

According to the popular belief, he [Thomas Learmont] still "drees his weird" in Fairy Land, and is expected one day to revisit earth. In the mean while, his memory is held in the most profound respect. The Eildon Tree, from beneath the shade of which he delivered his prophecies, now no longer exists; but the spot is marked by a large stone, called Eildon Tree Stone. A neighbouring rivulet takes the name of the Bogle Burn (Goblin Brook) from the Rhymer's supernatural visitants. The veneration paid to his dwelling place even attached itself in some degree to a person, who, within the memory of man, chose to set up his residence in the ruins of Learmont's tower. The name of this man was Murray, a kind of herbalist; who, by dint of some knowledge in simples, the possession of a musical clock, an electrical machine, and a stuffed alligator, added to a supposed communication with Thomas the Rhymer, lived for many years in very good credit as a wizard.
(Walter Scott, 1806)

  • Местное

    Надписи города К.: апдейт 2011/2021. Рожи города К.: детская площадка в локдауне.

  • Було колись

    – Років з двадцять п’ять товчусь поміж земляками – знаю багато їх. І завсігди бачив одно: справа починається широко, тягнеться вузько і кінчається…

  • Надписи города К.

    Ну, и где наши одиннадцать "Оскаров"? (Операторская работа - vika_garna.)

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