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Из декабрьского "Ансибля"


Clinching Argument.
Jonathan Myerson, best known for denouncing adult readers of the Harry Potter saga, discussed his hard-line position with children's novelist and Hollywood screenwriter Charlie Fletcher.
JM: 'There's a truth which fiction can portray which non-fiction can't reach. It's a different form of truth.'
CF: 'That doesn't argue against Harry Potter. That, in fact, reinforces the reason why people should read Harry Potter.'
JM: 'No it doesn't, because there aren't wizards!'
(Richard Bacon show, BBC Radio 5Live, 15 November)

Thog's Masterclass.
Untimely Dept. 'By Set, the enemy knew not the hour when he might awake at midnight to feel the taloned fingers ...' (Robert E. Howard, 'The Phoenix on the Sword', Weird Tales, December 1932) [PC]
Dept of Impossible Feats. '"Mmmmmm," said Maginty. It was an unwriteable, unpronounceable burble.' ('John E. Muller', Dark Continuum, 1964)

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