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The Science Fiction Dictionary of New Criticism


Clute v. to provide a theoretical framework by making up most of the terminology.
Uses: Adam Roberts sure did Clute the hell out of Wheel of Time, didn’t he!
ABOUT US: Here at the Science Fiction Dictionary of New Criticism we attempt to re-Clute SF. Wish us luck.

Débutant / Débutante n. a promising debut author; the next big thing. Also the first step in becoming an embittered old writer (see Ellison n.)
Uses: That Sam Sykes is one sexy débutant! I wonder if I can get his phone number.
Additional uses: China Mieville was a débutant but now he’s Gaimaning.

Dirty Old Man SF n. a generic term encompassing novels by male novelists wherein their teenage fantasies are re-enacted on the page, sometimes endlessly. These include pretty much the complete oeuvre of Robert A. Heinlein.
Not to be confused with Dirty Old Man n., for which see Asimov I.

Dune v. the act of indefinitely extending an author’s series post-mortem.
Uses: Someone’s Duning Wheel of Time, aren’t they? The Duning of Amber wasn’t exactly a roaring success.
Preduning: the post-mortem extension of a series by writing prequels.

Dystopalyptic n. Condition afflicting many authors, leaving them unable to imagine or create an actual working future.
Uses: mainstream writers turning to SF are uniformly dystopalyptic.

Hugo v. the act of pimping your work in order to win a Hugo Award (alternatively, any other SF award).
Uses: Lavie Tidhar is really Hugoing it this year!
Pseudo-Hugoing: the act of Hugoing by negative suggestion, i.e. “I know that I probably won’t win but everyone is doing it, so here goes…”

GRRM v. the act of beginning a series but, through various reasons, leaving it uncompleted despite suicide threats by the fans.
Uses: I wish Wheel of Time had been GRRMed at book 5! I want to write a seven part fantasy series only to GRRM it.

Koontz v. the act of producing an entire novel in the shortest amount of time, for commercial publication.
Uses: I koontzed a fantasy novel last week, but then the publisher asked for it to be darker, so rather than re-write I koontzed another one during the weekend.
Additional use: If the market is saturated in sci fi novels, you can always Koontz a romance or a Western in the meantime.

LeGuinian Jump n. To significantly re-imagine an existing work of genre literature by applying current generation cultural assumptions to the same world/characters. As exhibited in Tehanu.
Possible uses: The fact women in ST: TNG wear trousers and not mini-skirts is a classic example of a LeGuinian Jump!

Manthology n. an anthology composed entirely of male writers. Alternatively, an anthology of manly stories.
Uses: It’s said the whole of science fiction is one giant manthology.

Science Fiction n. the genre that lies between literary fiction and Steampunk.

Tommyknocking v. the act of a writer complaining they have neither the appeal, popularity or cash of Stephen King, while obviously considering themselves superior.
Uses: if your horror books don’t sell, don’t go Tommyknocking to me!

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